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Our Story

“The first time I sat down at a loom to weave I knew that I had found my passion.”

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Inspired by the colours and textures of fine quality yarns and natural fibres, Pat Neal creates distinctive, functional handwoven items designed to adorn both body and home.


Each piece is individually woven by hand.  The slow, rhythmic, meditative process of winding, threading, and weaving each thread is in sharp contrast with today's fast fashion.


The Studio

Established in 1991 Naked Lamb Weaving Studio is located in Myrtle, Ontario just 10 minutes outside the historic town of Port Perry. All weaving takes place on traditional wooden floor looms using fine quality yarns such as wool, cotton, linen, hemp, silk, and cashmere. The sunny, open studio houses an ever-changing collection of yarn, looms and other fibre equipment and provides inspiration for students to discover their joy of weaving.

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