Looms & Supplies

45 loom side.jpg

Naked Lamb Weaving Studio houses an ever-changing collection of looms on which all handwoven items are created.  The following looms are currently in use:

  • 4H counterbalance LeClerc - in various sizes (18", 28", 36", 45").  Quiet, durable looms, lovely to weave on

  • 8H Cassandra loom - a beautiful, cherry loom.  The favourite for weaving silk scarves

  • 8H Studio Handcrafts Loom - a solid, oak loom - SOLD

  • 12H Nilus Leclerc Colonial loom with 20 foot treadles, sectional warp beams and flying shuttle - SOLD

   . . . and a variety of other old or abandoned looms that have been reconditioned and         returned to good working order.

Loom repair and maintenance services available. Please contact for more information.